5 Eco-Friendly Tips and Things for a Plastic Free (or Less Plastic) July

by Audrey Ferriol on Jul 29, 2021

5 Eco-Friendly Tips and Things for a Plastic Free (or Less Plastic) July

Plastic Free July, a global movement of identifying and implementing solutions to plastic pollution, is a challenge for individuals, groups and corporations to embrace the practice of refusing single-use plastics.

Learn how you can be part of this worldwide campaign, whether you commit to living zero-waste, or simply beginning your journey to using less single-use items, and adopting a less-waste lifestyle.

Here, we list eco-friendly practices you can try out today, with corresponding suggestions of ethically produced and long-lasting items that can help you kickstart or continue your journey to sustainability.


Replace single-use masks with reusable ones.

Going for reusable masks isn’t just a more environmentally-friendly option while staying safe during the pandemic, but also frees up surgical masks for those who need them most, including medical professionals and patients with certain conditions.

Earth, Too face masks don’t just lessen the number of single-use masks being disposed of, but further reduce textile waste that may end up in landfill. They use high-grade upcycled materials and also offer styles made with indigenous fabrics, responsibly sourced from their partner communities.

Shop for Earth, Too masks here, and styles with indigenous fabric here.

Bring a water tumbler when you go out.

Being prepared with a tumbler lets you stay hydrated throughout the day, and eliminates the chance of you having to buy bottled water in cafes, restaurants or convenience stores. While one bottle thrown away seems minimal, its production requires large amounts of natural resources and causes harmful emissions. 

Toting tumblers like Earth Too’s will keep you from contributing to the one million plastic bottles bought per minute, according to Though you may eventually dispose of a reusable bottle due to wear and tear, owning and using it is one less from the pile that ends up in landfill regularly and takes hundreds of years to decompose.

Earth, Too’s insulated tumblers are available in black, blue and gold. Shop for them here.


Keep a utensil kit in your bag.

Reusable utensil kits come in handy in many instances including going on ice cream, coffee or milk tea runs, and eating in food stalls, cafeterias or food courts, among others. Benefits are manifold as you keep more plastic items from being disposed of irresponsibly, which may also pose dangers to animals and the environment overall, and can also help avoid illness caused by bacteria from sharing utensils.

One of Earth, Too’s flagship products is the Mess Kit which includes a set of stainless steel essentials, wrapped in a holder made of upcycled fabric. Each purchase of this sustainable and stylish set also provides one nutritious lunch meal for children in public schools, streets or conflict areas.

Get Earth, Too’s Mess Kit 2.0 here.


Switch to menstrual cups.

According to National Geographic, a menstruator will use somewhere between 5 and 15 thousand pads and tampons in their lifetime. Replacing these with a menstrual cup that could last years will not only benefit the environment, but is also found to be better for menstrual health.

Made from medical grade silicone, Sinaya Cups are safe, environmentally friendly and once worn properly can make one forget they’re on their period. 

Check Sinaya Cup’s Menstrual Cup here and Menstrual Cup Sterilizer here.

Opt for reusable gift packaging.

Giving an upcycled gift is one way to encourage loved ones to start their own less-waste journeys. Most packaging options are immediately thrown away, but reusable pouches show  not just care for the recipient, but also the environment.

For birthdays or holidays, wrap your gift in our upcycled denim gift pouch made from scrap denim, and hand-sewn by R2R artisans. It’s eye-catching, it tells a story and its durability allows it to be passed on many times over.

The Upcycled Denim Gift pouch is available in three sizes here.


Written by Meryl Ligunas

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