Our Corporate Collaborations for Positive Impact 2020

by Things That Matter Team on Jul 27, 2020

Our Corporate Collaborations for Positive Impact 2020

Challenging times can bring out the best in us. But that does not happen by accident. It happens with intention. And R2R is here today after 13 years of purposeful hustling and five months of quarantine because of advocates and partners who intentionally used their decisions to create positive impact and inspire hope despite these painful times. 

You are one of them, advocate, and we are grateful! 

We also want to tell you about our corporate and international partners who supported enterprises like ours and allowed us to continue creating livelihood opportunities for the most vulnerable of us. We hope their stories inspire you as they have inspired us! And if their stories spark ideas for you and the companies you are part of, we would love to explore possibilities with you, too.

Here are just some of the ways our 2020 partners have woven joyful stories with us:

By Upcycling Together

We've partnered with Power Plant Mall and AXA to reclaim their organizations' waste from old projects and events and turn them into gifts and giveaways for their clients.

By Keeping Safe with Artisan-sewn Face Masks

During the pandemic, generous Filipino companies like Bruno's Barber and Sea Oil Philippines partnered with us and our artisans to create reusable face masks for their employees to use when they reopened operations. 


"Face masks designed and produced by Rags2Riches, a social enterprise dedicated to eco-ethical fashion, were distributed to outlets across the country. Seaoil’s decision to partner with Rags2Riches is their way of helping boost the local economy and providing livelihood to the brand’s artisans," as reported by the Manila Bulletin last July 7, 2020.




By Advocating for our Artisans' Pieces Internationally

Overseas, we have partners like Cambio & Co.Travel Patterns, Kaya Essentials, and Karin Streulichampioning not just R2R pieces but a lot of other Filipino artisan creations and introducing them to more people around the globe.  


By Giving Gift Cards That Give Back

Lastly, Activation Machine had also purchased R2R gift cards to give to their clients and partners as giveaways.



Collaborate with us for Positive Impact

If you and your company are interested in also partnering with us and our artisans to create more positive impact in our communities, you may download R2R's 2020 Corporate Catalog here and also leave us a message here on our Contact Page.




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