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There are over 50 million tonnes of fiber produced for clothing every year and this is growing annually. Twelve percent of this is pre-production waste. Yes, even before they are used, they are wasted. And if that is not sad enough, 73% of clothing already used and worn are thrown away in landfills or burned.

We are all part of this problem. So that means that we can also be part of the solution.

We don’t like waste but, unfortunately, we have a LOT of them in the world. Ever since R2R started, we have been trying to be part of the solution by upcycling fashion industry overstock, waste, scraps, and rejects.

Now, we're sharing this program to more brands like yours. Together, we could upcycle your fabric waste + support artisan livelihood + fulfill a company need + share joyful stories!

If you represent a company and you have a lot of textile excess, waste, or overstock that you would like to upcycle, we would love to work with you to be part of the solution.


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Fill us in with the initial details for this upcycling project and collaboration! Some details to include: What are we going to upcycle? What do you want our artisans to weave for you? What will the final products be for? What is the timeline of the project?