Here are some of your Frequently Asked Questions! If you do not see the answer you are looking for here, please email us at yourfriends@rags2riches.ph or message us on Facebook. We will get back to your query within two (2) working days!


Frequently Asked Questions


Our team will be happy and excited to accommodate orders and answer e-mails from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM (Philippine time).




IMPORTANT: We only accept returns/exchanges within 15 days of shipment, and only if the product is unused, undamaged, and comes in its original packaging.

HOW TO RETURN/EXCHANGE YOUR ITEM: E-mail us at yourfriends@rags2riches.ph regarding your concern, and we will send you the instructions. Please note that additional shipping fees (back to us, and then back over to you) will be handled by the customer.

As long as the product is in its original condition, we will give a full refund in the form of store credits.

If you are exchanging for a higher priced item, you will need to pay for the price difference. If you are exchanging for a lower priced item, we will refund the price difference in the form of store credits.




Because we know that you love the occasional fun colors, we try our best to source the most unique and vibrant colors of fabric and materials we can find. It takes a bit of time because these are, well, unique. Once we get them, there is a possibility that we may not get them again. It is a bitter-sweet if you ask us. But we are natural optimists so we prefer to see the glass half full. Because the colors are unique, the lucky advocates who get to buy them may be the only ones on this whole planet to have them! See? Always look at the bright side.

If you can’t sleep because you really love a color and it is already out-of-stock, drop us a note. We will try our best to dive into piles of forgotten fabric (since we use upcycled and overstock fabric) to get the best possible match. Who knows? We could get something even better!

Since our materials are overstock and upcycled fabric or sourced from various communities from all over the Philippines, there will be some differences from product to product. Even if this is the case, each piece is made carefully, with intention, and with love! 




We take great care in making sure our products are of the highest quality possible. If and when we miss something, we would love to hear from you and we will make it right. 

All R2R products are given a one (1) year warranty from date of purchase that covers:

(a) cleaning or removal of stains incurred during our production process

(b) mending of knots that have re-appeared or unraveled after use

(c) reattachment of loose and small parts, and

(d) replacement of defective hardware(s).

Please note that for advocates who live outside of Metro Manila, additional shipping fees (back to us, and then back over to you) will not be shouldered by R2R.




We will only be sending you our fun emails if you want to and if you sign up for them! No spam, no selling of your information to others, and no stalking. That’s a promise.




All of our pieces are made with utmost love and care. But they don’t go through machines, they go through artisanal hands, so there will be some charming imperfections here and there. These pieces are also made of upcycled scrap fabric and other indigenous materials. We want to keep this going to have the lowest possible new resources (and energy!) used, and the highest possible positive impact.




You can see our products all over the world, spreading happiness to everyone! For the advocates nearest us (Philippines), the journey of the products will be a short one so lower transport cost and documentation costs. The prices in our local stores reflect that. So yes, the most affordable place to buy our products is Manila, Philippines. In case you are based somewhere else in the world, head over to our lovely country! You’ll get to travel to different beaches and islands, and shop R2R!

For advocates far from us (but still close to our hearts!), the journey will be a longer one. But don’t worry, we found ways for these R2R pieces to still get to you! Our online store ships internationally and we also have amazing stockists from all over the world (see the list here)! We in R2R, love our stockists who make it possible for us to spread the love to the world. We take into consideration the heart, sweat, and resources that they give to get your favorite things to you. So in pricing our products for international-based clients, we make sure that we collaborate and cooperate, not compete with our stockists (this means that our international online store pricing will be more or less a good match with your favorite store in your area/country).

And there is another thing we share with our stockists: our love for YOU, our customers and advocates! So we make sure that as we cover shipping, documentation, warehousing, (and much more, but we don’t want to bore you with the details) and all the steps and costs to get the items to you, they are still well-priced, fair, and country-appropriate!